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» TactJS

Are you already using jQuery?
Good, so are we. Now you can use jQuery AND define object oriented classes that support polymorphism and type checking.

How is your JavaScript wired up on your page? How do you scripts interact with your elements?
If your experience has been anything like ours, the bigger and more complex the project, the more unmanageable the scripts. In a very short time you wind up with a mountain of code that's mostly one-offs and hacks.

TactJS gives you a development and mental framework for writing javascript so that you can write fewer kludges and more reusable, modular scripts.

Want more?
TactJS offers dependency injection, unit testing, storage helpers, a boot loader, and more features to come.

Don't take our word for, check out the demos.

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» Current Version Overview

  • » V1.0
    • » 2-11-2012
    • » Initial Release
  • For more information and version history, please see the about page.